Cancellation & Refund Policy

Information about our refunds policy.

48 Hour Money Back Guarantee

We understand that your car is your baby & you want somewhere safe to park it, sometimes you may get that feeling that something isn't quite right.

How it Works

YallaParking provides a 48 hour window for renters to “suss” out the space they have booked. If it is not right for you, then please inform us within 48 hours of your booking starting & we will fully refund the booking along with your deposit (as long as the access card is returned). You may cancel for any reason at all, please just let us know and we will refund you fully.

It is important to note that you will need to inform us within 48 of your booking starting (not from when you used it) & we must collect the access card no more than 24 hours after being informed, this only applies to new bookings & not renewals.

Cancellation By YallaParking Renters

We understand that from time to time drivers may have to cancel their parking space booking. We do our best to facilitate this and provide fairness to our drivers and parking partners.

Cancelling a booking that has not started yet:

Cancellations by the Renter of the parking space before the booking has started; If the booking has not started then your booking can be cancelled & a full refund will be provided. In order to cancel a booking, please email us at

Cancelling a booking that has started:

If a booking has started & the YallaParking 48 hour guarantee has elapsed then, unfortunately, your booking is non-refundable. You can cancel the booking from your dashboard which will prevent the booking from auto-renewing & your access card will be collected when the booking has finished. If you want to hand the access card back early then please email us at

The YallaParking 48 hour guarantee is a window for our users to assess if the space booked is fit for purpose, make sure everything is ok and they are happy to park their vehicle in this location. once the 48-hour window has elapsed, bookings are non-refundable. It is only applicable on new bookings (not renewals).

Cancellation By YallaParking Space Owners

Ideally, cancellation should not occur since a license has been made, however we fully understand emergency or unforeseen circumstances.

Cancelling a booking that has not yet started:

Cancellations by the supplier of the parking space before a booking starts; If the booking has not started & we have not yet collected an access card then the owner has the right to cancel a booking. In this case, the renter will receive a full refund for their booking & no further action will be taken.

Cancellations by the supplier of the parking space when a booking has started:

Monthly Subscription

If a monthly subscription has started then the owner must provide the user with 30 days notice in order to reclaim the access card. The renter will then have the option to either cancel the booking on their renewal date or extend for a pro rata price based on days since the 30 day notice was conveyed to the user.

(e.g if a Renters bookings runs from the 1st to the 1st of each month & the 30 days notice is issued on the 15th day of the month, the customer will have the option to cancel the booking on the 1st (in which case the owner gets the card back early) OR extend until the 15th of the following month at a pro rata price.)

Yearly Subscription

If a yearly subscription has started then the owner must provide 30 days notice to the renter in order to cancel a booking prematurely & reclaim the access card. In this case, there will be a cancellation charge for the owner that will equal 10% of the NET annual fee to the owner which will be deducted from the balance of their next payment.

Situations other than cancellations in which owners must immediately effect full or partial refund and pay penalty.

In extreme circumstances where a user who has booked a parking space cannot use it due to the owner’s fault.

Some examples may be:

  1. The user is fully prevented from parking due to direct breach or fault of the owner.
  2. There are dangerous or exigent circumstances preventing a user from parking such as, leakage of fuel from nearby engine room, discharge of hazardous material in or around parking space, roof collapse in or around parking space, fire proven by photos or videos by the user.
  3. The parking space or the right to it is sold to a third party.

In circumstances such as the above occur, users are urged to write to us at with photos or any other proof to support their request and we will evaluate the request.

Can YallaParking cancel a booking?

YallaParking reserves the unilateral right to cancel reservations, terminate user accounts, refuse parking allocation for any reason in sole discretion. No charges shall be charged by YallaParking for any such exercise of right. We will use best endeavours to notify you in such case in advance or make alternate arrangements if possible. No compensation, interest, penalty, fines, damages, payments whatsoever shall be paid by YallaParking in case of cancellation for whatever reason. For cancellations made by YallaParking, its liability will be limited to the value of the booking

In case of any complaints; Please write to Attach photos of the parking space with a time/date stamp together with any other evidence (letters, complaints, call logs) to support the complaints. We will do our very best to help resolve your problem in a timely manner.