About Us

Our co founders Craig and Harry met 4 years ago at a dinner, but instead of discussing the level of fine cuisine that was on offer, they bonded over a mutual pain point…finding parking in Dubai

Whilst both struggling for parking, they faced two different problems. Harry was well aware that not letting Emily (his wife) have the access card to the parking space at home, had the potential to start world war 3 every night at the dinner table. Craig on the other hand was busy trying not to rip the front bumper off his car whilst trying to find parking on a sand patch close to DIFC (it eventually happened).

After a while of testing an initial product, talking to others about similar parking problems and gathering feedback, it became abundantly clear that they were not alone. It was at this point they decided to jump in and dedicate their lives to help solve parking issues in the UAE and voila, YallaParking was born.

At YallaParking we are currently on a mission to solve your parking woes at home, work or wherever you may need a spot! We currently offer hourly, daily, monthly and yearly parking subscriptions form a selection of over 1,000 parking spaces across the city!