Terms & Conditions

What is YallaParking?

When you don’t have your very own parking space next to your home or office, you may be faced with the grueling & unnecessary task of finding one each day. That's why we’ve created YallaParking, the UAE’s largest online parking space marketplace for parking space, so you can easily find the perfect parking space for you and, well, park!

How much does it cost to sign up?

It’s absolutely free to sign up for YallaParking. Once you’ve signed up and confirmed your account via email, you can list your space or start to search through our network of parking spaces to find the perfect spot for you.

Can I use YallaParking to list my space?

Yes, you certainly can use YallaParking, tenants, owners, businesses, corporates & hotels…..one and all are welcome (except parking ticket wardens). Our lawyers made us include this next bit. Landlords and property owners can use YallaParking without worry, all tenants should check with their landlords and it is advised to get their written consent. Most communities have some guidelines, some are stricter than others, and we advise you to read the community rules to make sure there are no provisions for letting other tenants use your parking space. If you still aren’t sure aren’t sure, drop us an email to hello@yallaparking.com

How do I list my parking space?

Listing a parking space…...is as easy as spotting a G-Wagon on the Downtown Boulevard, some may say. Create an account, head to “my dashboard” in the top right hand of the screen. From your dashboard click, “my spaces” on the left hand menu and select “add parking space” enter the parking space location, price details and access information then hit save, we then approve the space and YALLA…..You’re listed and ready to accept bookings.

How do I work out the right price for my parking space?

It all depends on your area…..YallaParking is an open marketplace where price is determined by supply & demand. To that end, you have the power to decide what prices you set. If you are struggling feel free to get in touch and we can help you set a great price for your parking space.

We generally recommend you charge between 4 - 6% of the Monthly rent for a 1 bedroom apartment in your tower.

For example, if a one bedroom apartment in your tower costs roughly 105,000 per year to rent.

To get the Monthly Cost you calculate AED 105,000 / 12 = 8,750

Means on average you should be charging roughly AED 350 (4% of 8,750) to AED 525 (6% of 8,750)

Still aren’t sure, drop us an email to hello@yallaparking.com or give us a call on +97156 659 5697 and we will help you with the perfect price for your area.

How & when will I get paid?

The all-important questions! All you have to do is tell us where to send the money, please send your account details to bookings@yallaparking.com. We make deposits to all of our suppliers during the second & third business days of the new month. All of our payments are made monthly to our Owners.

Can I list multiple parking spaces?

We love multiple parking spaces, and yes you can list them all. However, if you’re a commercial business then we can quickly set you up with a free business account with a fancy corporate dashboard to easily manage and review multiple bookings. Register for a business account in the registration section and a member of our team will be on the phone quicker than you can get a parking ticket in Media City.

What happens with my key card?

Your key card will stay in your possession until we receive a booking. Once you’ve confirmed the booking, a member of our friendly team or a third party (but equally as friendly) courier will arrange a good time to pick it up. Leaving you to kick back and think about those extra dirhams rolling in….

Can I charge a deposit for my key card?

We hold a standard deposit for all key cards of AED 250. This is safely held in our vault (Think Gringotts) and returned to the user only when they have given back the access card, or not, in which case, we pass the deposit over to you.

Why does YallaParking hold the deposit?

In order to ensure a fair, regulated marketplace and above all making the entire process as easy and fluid for our users as possible, all access card deposits are held by YallaParking until the booking is complete.

How do I know when my parking space has been booked?

Once you receive a booking, you will receive a notification via email and you will be able to review to booking details on your YallaParking dashboard. At that point, you will have the option to accept the booking, or decline if you now feel like holding on to your beloved spot in the basement. Hopefully, you accept, we will then schedule a good time to pick up the access cards.

Why do you ask for 1 Month, 3+ Month, 6+ Month & 12 Month pricing options?

Great question! We love to keep things simple and although this may not look it, it really isn’t that complicated…. We want to give our owners the option to incentivise longer term bookings, by offering a discount when a user wants to make extended bookings up front.

Enter the price per month you will accept in each box for bookings of that duration or more and our computers will work out all of the complicated math when a booking is made.

If you want to keep the Monthly price the same then simply just type the same price in each box.

This all sounds great but what do YallaParking get out of this?

In order to keep the lights on in our office, maintain our awesome system (so it can continue generating revenue for all of our users (you)) and pay our amazing YP staff a salary, we work on a profit share so when our users make money, we take a small 20% fee.

How do I pay for my parking space?

Complete your booking & pay online using your credit or debit card. We also accept cash or cheque if you prefer to pay this.

How do I renew my parking space booking?

We will send you an email when your booking is about to expire, click on the link in the email or head to your YallaParking dashboard & follow the instructions to extend. Select your new dates and click confirm, pay for your booking using your credit or debit card and you’re done!

Do you offer short term bookings?

Great question & YES is the answer! You can find our App in the IOS & Play store where you will be able to book daily & hourly parking spaces! Never be late for an appointment again.