Cancellation & Refund Policy

YallaParking Parking Space Providers

Ideally cancellation should not occur since a license has been made however we fully understand emergency or unforeseen


Cancellations by the supplier of the parking space either

  1. Once a booking has been made and paid for; or
  2. A booking is ongoing,

will result in a full or pro rata refund to the renter including any bank or finance administration charges relating to the


If the booking has not yet taken place and YallaParking have not yet charged its fee, we will not do so, however, there will be

a cancellation penalty of 5% of the license fee.

If the booking is ongoing or has completed, the YallaParking fee is not refundable. The supplier will have to offer the renter a

pro-rata refund, including the difference of the YallaParking fee as well as any bank or finance administration charges

relating to the refund.

Situations other than cancellations in which owners must immediately effect full or partial refund and pay penalty.

In extreme circumstances where a user who has booked a parking space cannot use it due to the owner’s fault. Some

examples may be:

  1. The user is fully prevented from parking due to direct breach or fault of the owner.
  2. There are dangerous or exigent circumstances preventing a user from parking such as, leakage of fuel from nearby engine room, discharge of hazardous material in or around parking space, roof collapse in or around parking space, fire proven by photos or videos by the user.
  3. The parking space or the right to it is sold to a third party.

As a general rule, all payments made at the time of booking are non-refundable however circumstances such as the above

occur, users are urged to write to us using our Complaints Process, with photos or any other proof to support their request

and we will evaluate the request.

If a cancellation is approved, owners should ideally make refunds immediately and in full together with any other fines or

penalties that are due

YallaParking Renters

We understand that very occasionally unforeseen circumstances can occur in which a renter may want to cancel a

reservation. Cancellations from renters will be treated on a case by case basis and will be subject to loss of deposits,

payments of bank and finance administration charges and penalty fees.

In certain circumstances users may be entitled to a full or partial refund depending on the length of reservation and level of


Once a cancellation has been agreed a full or partial refund will only be given on the receipt of key lock and access card and

once a YallaParking representative has proof that the original renter has vacated the space.

It is important to remember that refunds are not guaranteed in any manner. Cancellations are only approved on a case-by-

case basis. Once YallaParking receives the approved refund, it will refund the user, if the situation requires a refund.

YallaParking is not responsible to make any refund itself if an owner has a claim or has not made a refund.

If a refund does occur, refunds will be done only through the Original Mode of Payment.

Can YallaParking cancel a booking?

YallaParking reserves the unilateral right to cancel reservations, terminate user accounts, refuse parking allocation for any

reason in sole discretion. No charges shall be charged by YallaParking for any such exercise of right. We will use best

endeavours to notify you in such case in advance or make alternate arrangements if possible.

No compensation, interest, penalty, fines, damages, payments whatsoever shall be paid by YallaParking in case of

cancellation for whatever reason.

For cancellations made by YallaParking, its liability will be limited to the value of the booking.

Who is responsible for any taxes and charges?

Owners and users are solely responsible for any taxes and charges related to owning and renting out parking spaces and

receiving / making payments or effecting refunds.

What happens if a user over-parks or over-stays?

Fines or Penalties may be levied, which are non-refundable and non-appealable.


In case of any complaints;

  1. Please write to<
  2. Attach photos of the parking space with a time/date stamp together with any other evidence (letters, complaints, call logs) to support the complaints.